Instruction to Taking Degree Photos

1. Name of Shop: 南通市现代经典婚纱摄影(Chinese)
in pinyin: “NantongModern Classic Wedding Photography”.

2. Place of the Shop:
in pinyin: “Nantong Renmin Middle Road, No.168.”
You can take a taxi there according to the address or
you can ride an e-bike there.
It’s very near to the first-affiliated hospital.

3. The Studio of taking degree photos is on the THIRD FLOOR of the shop.

When you go there, there will be some receptionists who will show you the way.

4. Everyone should wear WHITE SHIRT WITH COLLAR.

Besides, everyone has to bring 10 RMB to pay to the photographer directly.

5. The Shop Working Hour: 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

6. Everyone should go there within May 31th to June 2th to finish the photo-taking.

Degree photos will be stored in the system of MOE.

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