Introduction to SIE

Introduction to SIE

School of International Education (SIE), Nantong University is established in Jan. 2010. At present there are around 400 overseas students in the school. Those students are from USA, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Namibia and other countries. A part of them are studying for MBBS and other degrees. A part of them are exchange students from foreign universities. The others are short-term students studying Chinese language and all kinds of courses.

  SIE is located in Qixiu Campus of the university.

2017-Recruitment Book.pdf

Roreign Students proportion:
India 56%
Pakistan 24%
Namibia 5%
R.O.Korea 3%
Afghanistan 2%
United States 1%
Bangladesh 1%
Japan 1%
Poland 1%
Others 5%

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