International Economy and Trade

International Economy and Trade

Business School of Nantong University was established in October 2004. It was formerly known as Department of Economy and Trade of Nantong Institute of Technology which was established in 1994. Business school has 5 departments: International Economy and Trade, Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resource Management and Logistics Management consisting of 7 undergraduate majors which are International Economy and Trade, Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Electronic Business and Logistics Management, involving Economics and Management.

It has five research institutes: “Logistics Engineering Institute”, “Rural Development Institute”, “Service Economy Research Institute”, “Science and Technology Policy and Management Research Institute", “Financial Services and Performance Evaluation Research Institute” and two key University level disciplines at: “Business Management” and “Applied Economics”.

Business School has 103 teaching and administrative staff. 83 full-time teachers consist of 33 teachers with doctoral degree (including PhD); 10 professors, 33 associate professors. There are more than 20 teachers went to Japan, Britain, Germany, America, France, Australia and other countries to study and get academic training, which has formed a team of teachers with a rational structure, relatively strong strength, vibrant and good team cooperation spirit. In addition, the school has nearly 2000 full-time students and 800 students for further-education.

We have a strong ability of scientific research. In recent years, we have undertaken more than 100 research projects including “National Social Science Fund Project”, “National Natural Science Fund Project of the Ministry of Education”, “Humanities and Social Science Research Fund Project”, “Jiangsu Province Philosophy Social Science Fund Projects” and other higher level research projects.

We have won more than 40 awards such as the Jiangsu Province Philosophy Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Nantong City Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award, Nantong city Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards. In recent five years, we have published more than 500 academic papers at home and abroad.

The school has advanced teaching auxiliary facilities, forming the characteristics of talent cultivation which is "solid foundation, board entrance, application and innovation". Modern Business experimental centers such as “Financial Engineering Laboratory”, “Electronic Commerce Laboratory”, “Kingdee K/3ERP Laboratory” and “Business Decision Simulation Laboratory Sandbox Laboratory” have been established under the cooperation with Kingdee International Software Group Co. Ltd and Langchao Group Co. Ltd. And we have built more than 30 teaching practice and employment base with "Jiangsu Wenfeng Group" and "Jiangsu Big-boss Beer Group" which has provided favorable conditions for the cultivation of students practical ability and employment. After more than 10 years of efforts, we have cultivated a large number of application oriented, innovative talents of economy and management for local society.

We have extensive cooperation in personnel training and academic exchange with the schools in United States, Germany, Britain, and Australia etc... Our universities have set up "3+1" accounting international curriculum experimental classes with America Winthrop University, training international business talents together. Besides, we have frequent exchange visiting arrangement with students in the United States, Germany, Britain, South Korea and other countries every year. And exchange teacher with American, Britain, Australia and other countries to give lectures in university which has broadened academic horizons, improved the ability of international cooperation and exchanges.

Faced with the new opportunities and challenges, we will strive to focus on cultivating high-quality economic and management talents with innovative spirit and practical ability. We will take “Virtue study, Integrity of business” as our mission, adhering to the university motto "bridging the East and West, striving to improve". Take the road of scientific development, characteristic development, open development and connotation development and strive to build business school into a economy and management personnel training base with Chinese characteristics and global vision to meet the needs of local economic and social development.

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