Rooms and Prices


Pricesper year per one persons

Single Room

RMB 10000

Double Room

RMB 6000

Triple Room

RMB 4000

Four Room

RMB 3000


1. You can apply for accommodation in every August and September. Students are cleared to change rooms in the first week of each semester.
2. New students will be living in a triple room after registration. If it is necessary, students can make application to change rooms within one week upon arrival.

Facilities and Amenities

1. private bathroom, water heater, air-conditioner, internet connection, basic furniture
2. A kitchen is provided for international students to cook their own favorite food. Laundry is also available to all international students.
3. Our campus is located in the downtown and is convenient for students travel to everywhere of the city. Meanwhile, a group of facilities are also located around the campus, for instance, bank, hospital, supermarket and restaurant.

Related Rules

1. It is not allowed to change the room halfway. If it is necessary to change the room under particular circumstances, student shall make an application to SIE (School of International Education) according to the prescriptions within the specified period.
2. Applications for changing rooms will be accepted in the first week of each academic year.
3. SIE has the power to re-adjust the rooms according to the different situations. All the students shall accept the school readjustment.
4. Save electricity and water. The excess of the limitation shall be charged. The detailed fees will be published y the logistic department.

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