Course Introduction

Course Introduction

The School of International Education at Nantong University is also focused on the teaching of Chinese language and culture.

We offer a wide range of courses (e.g. regular courses & customised course) to encourage students to undertake Chinese language lessons and have a better understanding of Chinese people and their culture. Our teachers are well qualified with more than 5 years experience in teaching Chinese to foreign students. Our classes are small as well as exciting and innovative.

If youre not sure what level of study to undertake, please visit our office or call us, our friendly teachers and staffs will try our best to help you.

Course Introduction

the maximum number of student in each class is 15;
b. Courses are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels;
c. A class division test is required in the beginning of the term;
d. A Language learning certificate along with a transcript will be issued for the student;
e. There will be two Chinese culture classes in each week in addition to normal language courses.

2. Type for courses



Teaching Materials


Tones, pronunciations and writing skills of basic Chinese characters, basic Chinese language grammar and sentence structure;

Teaching materials designated by Confucius Institute Headquarters: Confidence Chinese, Short-term Oral Chinese and Short-term Listening Chinese.


Fluent oral Chinese communication, basic writing skills and reading comprehension


Strong Oral Chinese abiliy, able to read books in Chinese, having no linguistic and cultural barriers

3.Course arrangements


Course time

Class hours


Monday to Friday9:00 17:00



Monday to Friday1900 2130



Saturday and Sunday9:00 17:00



1. There are two terms for each academic year and 16 weeks for each term;

2. Students are allowed to attend the same level class repeatedly in every term;

3. The class timetable can be slightly adjusted according to the registered students’ needs.


Each student will pay:

400 RMB for registration

8,000 RMB per term for the tuition

400 RMB per set for books (includes seven textbooks and other teaching materials)

Best wishes for you and should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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